Thank you all so much for the last 9 years of sailing on Lake Pepin.
I have sold the boat.

If you want private lessons on your boat, give me a call or text.

WIMNSail is all about adventure, relaxation, and learning aboard Rudder Chaos, a 30 foot sailboat on Lake Pepin. She resides in Pepin, WI, during the season which runs mid-April to the end of October. Come sail Pepin this summer!

So what can we do on the boat? That’s a good question! The only limits are your imagination. Mostly though, we go out for 2-3 hours and sail the boat. The cockpit comfortably seats 6 + me. Whether you are celebrating, rewarding, or just want a day on the water, click here for some ideas to get you thinking. We are also adding boating classes to our business, and you can see those here.

See our Covid 19 information here.
100% vaccinated since 3/2021, boosted 10/2021 & 5/2022.